Two kinds of people

I trust everything is well in your world. Last week I stumbled across the fun blog 2 Kinds of People. Have you seen it?

If you’re like me, I could identify with almost every one of his examples, except for the sandwich. Who actually cuts the bread across like that?

I’ve written in the past about the two kinds of people who eat ice cream, miners and graders. Miners dig into the cup (or carton) with their spoons looking for “the good stuff.” Graders on the other hand, eat in a nice even layer, taking the ice cream down to the bottom one level at a time. Ben and Jerry’s anyone? Ok, back to my point.

We can remind ourselves of a simple truth from these examples. There are 2 types of people for your business too. The people you are trying to market to and everyone else.

If you are trying to reach everyone, you’re not going to make it.

Spend your time finding, interacting and connecting with the people whose problem you’re solving or world you’re making better.

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