Three things about success I learned from moving

As much as we hate it the end result is satisfying. The peace and security we get from a new home are well worth the inconvenience and effort.

This made me think about all worthwhile endeavors.

Three things I learned about success from moving this weekend

1. Purge. We simplified our move by getting rid of the things that had cluttered our previous home. This eased the transition from the old place to the new one and sped up unpacking and organizing. Many times to achieve our goals we must become lean and agile. Forget the past. Don’t take it with you it will only slow you down.

2. Plan. Once we had uncluttered our living space, coming up with the right plan became simple. Once the boxes were packed and labeled we knew which room every item was to be placed. Success is a planned event. It doesn’t come by coincidence. A roadmap for how to get to your destination helps you get there faster and prevents you from getting lost.

3. Assemble the right team. I had a team of 6 guys that filled time slots to help the 3 days we moved. The job was too big to do alone and each guy possessed certain skills. A few guys had Sampson roles due to their strength. A few guys had Einstein roles because of their spacial engineering skills. Finally, a few guys had Bob Villa skills since they can fix or make anything. When chasing your dreams, surround yourself with folks that have the strengths you need to fill in the gaps. This frees you up to do what you do best.

As I write this in my new home office I can’t help to feel a sense of accomplishment.  I have worked my butt off the last few days but now that it’s done I hardly remember the difficulty. I didn’t like the process starting, but I am enjoying this brief rest at the goal line until the next pursuit begins.

Have you moved towards your goals for 2010? What are you learning?

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