The two most important questions

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the fine folks at Victory Golf Works in Scottsdale, Az and speaking to the Golf Academy of America Phoenix.  Thanks to Eddie, Fred, and Tim for their Southwestern hospitality and enthusiasm for growing their businesses.  Amazing things happen when working with people that have made the decision to change and grow.  I have found the simple act of being open to possibilities will create dialogue and enable ideas to flow.

When we start having the “Wouldn’t it be cool if..?” discussions, we can really start moving towards the remarkable.  It all starts with knowing what you or your organization is trying to accomplish.  Defining what you want and why you want it goes a long way in creating the right strategy for accomplishing your goals.

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish for your business? More importantly, have you thought about why? I encourage you to think about “the why”. Does it align with your long term what?

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