The most important kind of leadership

Leadership is sometimes an over-talked subject. There is no shortage of experts and examples of great leaders out there. Drop by your local Barnes & Nobles and pick up any one of a thousand titles starting with “Leadership Principles of…”.

Instead, let’s talk about the most important kind of leadership – personal leadership. I don’t claim to have it all figured out. But I do believe if you can’t lead yourself, it’s hard to lead others. This is especially true today.

Here are a 9 ways to develop personal leadership:

  1. Commit to taking responsibility and giving away rights

  2. Develop your story

  3. Stop aspiring to be popular

  4. Tell the truth and be sincere

  5. Be proactive and decisive

  6. Be accessible

  7. Practice sustained thought

  8. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain

  9. Submit your ego to your mentors

These nine principles have been weighing on me recently. If we were to get really good at these, it will breathe new life into our families, teams, companies and even products. It’s hard to make average stuff when you live beyond average.

Will you work on these with me?

I know there are more. What am I leaving out?

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