What you can learn from the masters

The winner of The Masters doesn’t just win a major. He becomes a part of the history of the game, and that’s what excites me. This tournament creates something that is very special, and year in year out, history is made here. – Phil Mickelson

For those of you who aren’t golfers, it’s the premiere golf event of the year.

True, there are four major tournaments in professional golf and the Masters is just one. Many would argue it is not the hardest to win. The US Open usually gets that nod. Nor is it the oldest, The Open Championship (British Open in the US) takes that distinction. The PGA Championship is usually the one most would agree has the most competition.

But The Masters is the best. It has the best platform and story.

 The Story

Bobby Jones started the “Augusta National Invitational” in 1934. He wanted to invite his friends to play in a fun event at his golf club in Augusta, Ga.

Over the years it grew into The Masters and captured audiences with villains, heroes, tragedies, miracles, and a hint of controversy.

In other words, awesome content. Non-golfers tune in every year for the “back nine at Augusta” to see what legend will be made.

 The Platform

The Masters has the distinction as the only major to be hosted on the same golf course each year. This is significant. The tournament doesn’t rent its platform, it owns it. Therefore, the tournament has complete control over the design, look, feel, and experience.

Augusta National’s exceptional condition and attention to detail online and off, from Magnolia Lane to Amen Corner, has produced the best experience for golfers and patrons. They continue to bridge the online-offline gap beautifully.

I hope you will watch this year’s tournament regardless of whether you are a golfer, like me, or not.

If you do, you will learn how to tell a story, create unique experience, and build a brand legacy unmatched.

photo credit:  gomattolson

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