How watching Super Bowl ads will make you a better marketer

Each year I watch the Super Bowl’s advertisements and think about all the time and money invested into 30 seconds of grandeur and ask, is it worth it?

Brands use the commercials for the opportunity to reach tens of millions of people at one time in one place. The smart ones focus their efforts on a particular segment of viewers (granted, it’s the largest segment of the year) that will tune into Super Bowl Sunday.

The majority of brands will take the path of least resistance and create a sensational advertisement for entertainment value, but with no economic or true brand value.

Think about your favorite ad from last year’s game. Do you remember what company it was promoting?

If you are creating ads or marketing campaigns for your brand, think about this:

  • Sameness – dime a dozen

  • Differentiation – better than

  • Distinction – innovation and atmosphere

Great marketing (which advertising is a component) takes risks and challenges the status quo.

Look at every strategy you create and tactic you execute and pursue distinction.

What are you chasing?

photo credit: Carl Van Rooy Photography

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