Start today

Don’t start tomorrow. Start today.

I talk to many people who are waiting for the right time to make changes in their life. They believe timing will get better and the stars will align causing a magical shift in their circumstances. This is a myth. So get out there and make your changes.

Thanksgiving was yesterday and I hope everyone enjoyed time with their families and giving thanks for things in their life. I am thankful that I have the ability to make a change at any time to increase the quality, direction, and destiny of my life. There are many I changes I want to make (personally & professionally). Instead of talking about it, let’s go all in. No more excuses or procrastination. No more getting hung up in the details. It is time to start today. Will you join me?

It isn’t going to be easy. It is hard to Switch, but the rewards are worth it.

Fill in this sentence and read it out loud,

I want to ______ and I will start today.

You own a business and have never focused on providing great customer experiences, start today.

You want to learn how to play an instrument or learn another language, start today.

You are a professional and haven’t jumped into creating a social or digital presence, start today.

You’ve been thinking of writing a book, screenplay, or album, start today.

You haven’t kept your promises in the past, start today.

You want to live healthier, start today.

You’ve been thinking about launching a business or product, start today.

Whatever it is you want to start, need to start, START.

As my friend Jeff  wrote, “You catch the waves, they don’t catch you.”

Who’s with me?

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