Shrinking the online/offline marketing gap

We’ve been talking a lot about shrinking the online/offline gap between brands and their audience. It was the main topic of our conversations last week at ConvergeSouth and a few weeks ago at New Marketing Experience in Chicago.

This past Monday I spent the day playing in a charity golf event with some friends and clients. The day was perfect (mid 60s and sunny) for hitting the links and the Duke University Golf Club was in great shape. What was more important, were the six hours we spent laughing, talking about the future, and building friendships.

The social web helps us connect with brands and topics we care about. It gives a medium to meet and converse with like minds. I even believe it can help deepen relationships between organizations and their customers, partners, and prospects. As powerful as it is, nothing is as good as face time.

Whenever possible, look for ways to take online communications offline (and vice versa). By doing so, you shrink the online/offline gap.

Shrinking the gap builds trust and transforms interactions into meaningful connections.

photo credit: fabbio

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