Put down the shiny object

Don’t do it! Everything will be ok. Please put down the shiny object. 

I’ve been working with a group that has shiny object syndrome. You’ve seen it before haven’t you? 

It occurs when normally smart and discerning people disconnect their brain and focus on any new or exciting technology, social media platform, or tool that gets picked up by Mashable or some other news source. A lot of people catch it from a well meaning friend.

Remember, there are a lot of good things out there to help you build a better business and be more valuable for your customers. However, not all of them are for you.

Before you dive into the pool, drink the kool-aid, kiss the frog, or put all your eggs in one basket – Think.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Does this apply to my business?

2. How can this help me accomplish ___?

3. Is now the right time?

4. Do my customers use it?

5. Why?

What else?

Oh, are we connected on Pinterest?

photo credit: hijukal

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