The secret to never going stale in business and life

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths – Walt Disney

I was having lunch with my friend Elliot Strunk the other day. He is the ringleader of Fifth Letter in Winston Salem and he posed a great question to find out if someone has mailed it in or not. Elliot asked “Are they curious? ” 

What a great question. In fact, I have thought about it ever since. I think curiosity is one of the little mindsets that leads to longevity in a profession and quality of life. Where would we be without it? How many things would have never been discovered without curiosity?

Whatever areas you are curious about you will continue to learn and grow. You will find new solutions to problems. You will have better relationships. You will disrupt the status quo. The world needs us to be curious.

The moment we stop is the moment we become stale and out dated. The day I stop being interested and eager  about business and marketing is the day I stop being valuable to my clients and partners. The day I stop being intrigued and inquisitive about my wife and family is the day I stop growing in my relationship with them.

We owe it to our co-workers, friends, communities, and customers to be curious about how to help them.

Are you still curious?

photo credit: glsims99

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