Right vs. right now

There is a difference between “right” and “right now.”

Many companies miss out on potential new business due to their short-term thinking. They make the mistake of assuming that "not right now" means "no." However, there are more future customers than today’s customers, and it’s important to understand their differences.

"Right" refers to your ideal customer. These folks want what you have to offer and receive value from it, pay full price, reflect your brand positively, and tell their friends about you. They may not be ready to buy today. So, it’s essential to establish touchpoints to nurture your relationship with them until they are prepared to make a purchase.

"Right now" refers to customers ready to buy from you today. Your marketing strategy and tactics must allow you to reach these customers. Data plays a crucial role in this process, as it helps you answer the "Who?" and "What?" questions necessary to accomplish this.

Think long-term. Be helpful and treat people with respect.

You plan on being in business for a while, right?

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