Reading to lead

I’ve never met a leader that isn’t a reader. Reading is an incredible way to constantly improve. It is a type of association after all. You may not have the opportunity to physically rub elbows with a Michael Hyatt, Seth Godin, or Tim Sanders but you can associate with them via their books.

Read the right stuff

Not all reading is beneficial for reaching your goals. Some books, blogs, etc. are fun but don’t challenge your thinking, ignite ideas, or help you improve your craft. I’m not saying never read for entertainment. Use the 80/20 rule, 80% for renewing your mind and 20% for whatever.

Read consistently

It is better to read 10-15 minutes a day than four hours once every couple of weeks. I used to play golf for a living and practicing every day improved my game much more than a 12-hour session. You will be amazed at how much reading you can accomplish over the course of a month with just 15 minutes a day.

Read and do

The multiplier for reading to lead is doing. Take something you learn each day and apply it in your life. When you read something, it’s penciled in your brain. After you do what you’ve read, it’s inked. The application resolves it.

Read it again

A final thought I’ll leave you with. Go back and reread a few books that had a great impact on you. You will find new things that speak to you. It will be as if the books have been edited with extra chapters and paragraphs added since you last cracked it open.  As you grow and experience new seasons, you’ll pick up different things from the same books. Make it a habit to revisit your favorites from time to time.

I hope these tips help. They are a start. How do you read to lead?

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