Purpose minded not process minded

Be purpose-minded not process-minded. That statement will help you immensely.

I work with companies sometimes that are focused on the process. Which isn’t horrible unless you focus only on the process. How do we find customers and get them to do something? What constraints can we eliminate to be more productive? These are all decent questions but they are not the root of the problem. Organizations fall into short-term thinking that could lead to trouble when they only work at the mechanics. David, what does this have to do with marketing? Everything. Purpose-minded companies have great marketing strategies.

Last week I spoke with Clay Moseley at Blue Sky Factory.  They are an email service provider that has a great product and Clay was showing me some of their new features. BSF is a company that is purpose-driven. Their purpose is to help organizations succeed by providing the best email services and products for their clients. The purpose is their focus. Their purpose has produced amazing customer service, smart and passionate ambassadors like DJ Waldow, Chris Penn, and Greg Cangialosi, and innovative products like SocialSync.

Process mind organizations get caught up in X’s and O’s and become disconnected from the intangibles (like relationships and a good story ) that make businesses grow and build community. I worked at a golf retail store one time that fell into this. We started out providing great value to our customers because our purpose was to provide the right equipment to help golfers play better. Clients used to drive across town because they knew the support they would receive from us would be in their best interest. Then one day the management lost its focus. They began trying to achieve their goals by cutting corners and selling specific products with higher margins instead of meeting customer needs. They became process minded. They went out of business.

Purpose minded is long-term. Process minded is short-term.

Purpose minded enhances every other part of your business. Process minded stifles the greatness of your business.

I encourage you to look at yourself (since we can apply this to our own lives) and your business. Changing a mindset is usually the answer to increasing leads, sales, customer loyalty, etc.

What is your purpose?

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