Purple cow sightings

photo credit: adiything

In 2003, Seth Godin published a book titled Purple Cow(not an affiliate link). I am sure many of you have read it, but if you haven’t, it is worth a read. To me, the beauty of this book is in the simplicity of its message. Don’t go for sameness or even differentiation, go for distinction.

Remarkable ideas, products, and services win. If you are boring, no one will notice you. Stand up and stand out from the crowd.

Recently, Seth published an updated and extended version of the best selling book. Several months ago Seth offered to readers of his blog, the opportunity to submit a “purple cow” story in 200 words or less. These stories were to be of companies, individuals, or organizations that were remarkable. I missed the deadline to submit a story but I wanted to share one with you. Here you go:

High Point University is a purple cow. It doesn’t hurt that the school colors are purple and white either. Not long ago, HPU was just another black and white bovinae in a country full of private liberal arts colleges. Then along came a man with a vision to redefine how we view higher education. President Nido Qubein’s purpose is to create an atmosphere of excellence. The school has developed amenties that rival the Ritz Carlton. A campus conceigre provides students with services such as wake up calls and dry cleaning. Kiosks around campus hand out free snacks and bottled water. There is even a ice cream truck handing out free ice cream to students. A director of WOW postition was added to ensure that the students’ and parents’ expectations are exceeded. The message to the parents is we will take care of your “pride and joy”. The standard of excellece has transferred to the sudents. The word is out. Freshman classes have tripled in the last three years while tuition has increased almost 50%. High Point University believes in creating a higher standard for students so that when they gradute they will not settle for average in life.

What purple cows have you witnessed lately?

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