Our lives are stories

Recently, I re-listened to Donald Miller’s, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years. It got me thinking again about our lives as stories.

Think about it.

If your life was a story in a book or movie, would people come and watch or read it? How much of our lives would be edited so the audience could get to the good parts?

Rarely do you see the boring parts in a book or movie. They are cut out. Things like watching tv or doing the laundry aren’t interesting to the viewer. But we watch it when the characters overcome conflict, dare to be great, build relationships with others, and DO something meaningful.

We are drawn in.

We watch these stories over and over and dream to be like those characters.

I’m not saying our lives aren’t good or that we need to live for someone else. I’m saying let’s write the story for our lives we want to read or see on-screen.

Why not challenge ourselves to write a better story and edit the things that don’t help it be more interesting and meaningful?

Are you with me?

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