Ira Glass teaches us to fight through the gap

I’ve seen Ira Glass’ YouTube interview on storytelling several times. I was thrilled when I watched this video clip about the GAP on Vimeo.

Here’s the thing. When we set out to do something well, it takes time. There’s this period of testing. Seth Godin calls it the Dip. Other folks may call it something else. I tend to think of it as a valley. What Ira reminded me of is there is value in the valley.

It’s in the valley where we learn.

It’s in the valley that we build endurance and strength. It’s also the place where many people get stuck and lost (You never hear about explorers who get lost or perish on the peaks of mountains do you?).  But we have to fight through and make it past the gap, through the valley, to the other side.

And on the other side is the reward.

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