Movie Lessons: Almost Famous

My friend Christopher Laney shared with me a post he wrote about a lesson from the movie, Almost Famous. See. I’m not the only one that thinks about movie lessons. And anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of Cameron Crow movies (I even have a site called dobler wins). This is easily one of his best.

Not only does the scene show the healing power of music and its ability to move the soul, but the moment between William and Penny is forever lodged in my mind. William turns to Penny and says, “I have to go home.” Penny examines William with an impish grin, then trickles her fingers down in front of his face. “You are home,” she answers. It’s oh-so-subtle ~ excerpt from Lessons from the Cockpit

Do yourself a favor today and check out Chris’s post about what we can learn from the scene below:

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