Movie Lesson: "Pause Press Play" shows us everything has changed


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everything has changed.

Today’s movie lesson comes to you from Pause Press Play. The new documentary talks about the collision of art, digital, and technology. There are some interesting segments about how the digital age has revolutionized, and in many cases, democratized film, design, music, advertising, business, and  art.

People like Moby, Seth Godin, Sean Parker, and Scott Belsky (to name a few) share their perspective on what is happening in the creative world and how they see its impact on how we live and work.

We are breathing at a most unique time in history. It has never been easier to create. It has also never been easier to get lost in the passing parade of humanity.

There is a lot of uncertainty out there. You can choose to see opportunity or calamity. Think about what it is you are going to create and what impact you are going to make. You are building your legacy now.

Know that now is your time. Now, is when you make your move.

What are you going to do with the time you have?

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