A million ways

There are a million different ways to do anything. This goes for marketing, leadership, social media, parenting, managing, etc. Too often, we (and I am guiltier than most) believe the way we succeeded at something is the only way one can. This is dangerous. Beware if you get to a point when this is the case.

Companies fail when their leaders think this way. My dad once told me there may be one answer to a problem but there are probably a million different paths to get there. These words are as true today as ever.

I am a marketer by trade. Most of my job is helping brands find the best routes to accomplish their goals. How bad would it be if we thought that because we helped XYZ company succeed with solution “A”, then every other company’s only chance of success was to do solution “A”? You need to build processes and systems that are solid enough to help you reach the goal most efficiently, but don’t make them so rigid that there is no creativity.

I am very cautious when I hear speakers, coaches, thought leaders or authors talk about the only way to get to where they are is the way they did it. There is easily 1,000,000 different ways to succeed in anything.

Figure out your way. Knowing there are so many ways to get there could hold you back if you are afraid to fail. Instead, choose to let the knowledge empower you to think creatively.  Spend 15 minutes a day answering your own questions. Don’t just latch on to what the newest book has to say about success. It is only one person’s account of how they got there. It might make you feel uncomfortable to quiet the noise and think. But it will be worth it.

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