Mid-Term report card: GC Social Media/Digital Marketing Class

January of this year marked the first time I set foot in a college classroom as a professor. This semester, I am teaching a digital marketing and social media course at Greensboro College. It’s now April and we are mid-term.

My class is filled with bright young men and women who hold all the potential in the world to go out and change it. It has been cool to see the light bulbs go off in their heads as understanding takes root. I have to say I am learning as much from them as they are from me.

We have brought in some great speakers so far too! Jeff SanGeorge, Mitch Miles, and Vanessa Boynton were gracious with their time and knowledge to share with the class.

Jeff discussed blogging and how he has applied what he has learned to social media. You can check out his presentation [Jeff SanGeorge Blogging 101]. Jeff has a great understanding of how design, technology, and content marketing fit together. It was great how he mixed the fundamentals of blogging with social media application.

Mitch came in and rocked LinkedIN. You would have thought Reid Hoffman himself came in to teach the how to’s and why’s of the professional social network. Mitch is the only guy I know that brings props to talk about web apps. He is the Gallagher of social media speakers. You can check out some of Mitch’s presentations [Mitch Miles Presents].

Vanessa presented on the business case of social media. She is one of the linchpins at M Creative and talked about how they work with non-profits in developing “value-driven” communication strategies in social media. Her interaction with the class was very conversational and I hope the class learned as much as I did. In addition to being a marketing practitioner, Vanessa is an award-winning artist. See what she is up to [VanessaBoynton.com].

Of course we are only half-way home this semester but things are shaping up nicely. Greensboro College Social Media Brand Review is progressing and I can’t wait for the students to start their class projects. They will be getting their hands dirty developing content, launching social campaigns, and marketing awesomeness for a few Triad companies.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the class please hit me up in the comments.

photo credit: greensboro college

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