Learn how to build your platform from Michael Hyatt

To all the authors, artists, and creatives I’ve met through the years who have been turned away because they didn’t have a platform. This book is for you.   – Michael Hyatt

I was thrilled to participate when asked recently to get an early read of Michael Hyatt‘s new book, Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World.  Michael is on the short list of my go to folks for leadership, influence, and business.

I listen to him because he has fruit on the tree. Michael was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing and has years of personal experience starting, leading, and growing businesses and brands. I knew the book would rock before cracking open the cover.

I was not disappointed.

Platform is the most comprehensive book you will read on strategies and tactics for enabling your ideas to spread. All you need to bring to the table is hustle and teachability. It will take work but the lessons are worth gold if you apply them.

There are five parts:

  1. Start with Wow
  2. Prepare to Launch
  3. Build Your Home Base
  4. Expand Your Reach
  5. Engage Your Tribe
The conclusion, Take the First Step, puts it back on you.

If you are ready to break out of the pack and make your move, Michael Hyatt is offering a hand up. Take it.

You can learn more about Platform on his site here.


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