Lighting up the dark

A few weeks ago, I alluded to a new project I’m launching soon. A lot of pieces are falling into place, and as we get closer to shipping, the battle against fear grows stronger.

I’d like to share with you a picture about fear that I was given recently. I’m not sure what journeys you’ve set out to embark on this year, but I hope this will encourage you like it has me.

The Dark

Fear is like an endless darkness looking to devour all hope and ambition. It’s a black hole in our mind. It’s the invisible enemy who doesn’t whisper but rather screams at you. Fear tells you “you can’t” and “you shouldn’t.”

The Fight

You must fight it with the flame of courage. Using bravery and action as fire and oxygen, you send it retreating back into the void. It’s a darkness with no real power or influence unless we surrender it. But it’s there pushing against the light, looking for space to inhabit and dreams to steal. And so the fight wages on, everyday.

The Prize

On the other side of fear is the reward. It’s knowing you’ve won regardless of the outcome because the prize is having done what most won’t. You’ve pressed in when others let up.

You will not win every battle because you dare greatly. However, with each victory you will gain more ground. The light will get brighter and more luminescent. This is overcoming. This is becoming great.

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