Is your marketing strategy kick and chase?

When I played soccer as a kid our goal was to kick the ball as far down the field as possible. We didn’t have any strategy other than kick and chase. The result was a lot of running, kicking, and not much scoring.  When we learned how to work as a team and purposefully move the ball into our opponents territory and create high percentage shots, we scored more goals. Soccer is an easy sport. Put the ball in the opposing team’s goal and prevent them scoring in your goal.

Business is simple too. Sell remarkable products and services to customers that want what you have to offer. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations play kick and chase. Companies fall into this when they have no focus for growing their business. Often times at Magnetic Ideas, we work with clients to develop strategies that help them achieve their business objectives. They work hard but aren’t productive. This can happen when different business groups don’t communicate the roles they play in developing business. It can also occur when businesses haven’t identified who their ideal prospects are and how to reach them. Their kick and chase tactics aren’t effective in finding and reaching the right people with the right message. Instead of kick and chase, take guided action that centers on a simple strategy that helps you win.

Guided action means your marketing tells your story and connects to your customers. It is sales and customer service (which are in the marketing mix) creating amazing interactions with prospects and customers and moving those relationships towards advocacy.

If you watch any of the World Cup matches, pay attention to how the teams move the ball. Watch how they position themselves to create offensive advantages and open shots.

Are you putting yourself in a position to win or are you playing kick and chase?

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