How to have fun doing anything

Having fun is all about attitude. This is one of those principles that preaches well but is hard to practice (especially standing in line at the DMV, cleaning bathrooms or watching reality tv).

I must admit that recently I’ve been sucking at having fun. My attitude hasn’t been on track. Anytime I get in one of these funks, I fall back on three checks one of my mentors taught me. Hopefully these will help you have more fun too.


You must decide you are going to have fun and enjoy the experience. Everyday that we’re able to enjoy God’s creation is a leg up on most of the world.


In most cases you can choose who you associate with. Don’t hang out with people who make life miserable. Have fun building relationships and memories with friends. Laugh often. Talk about each other’s dreams and goals. And realize sometimes picking good company is flying solo.


Everyone loves receiving recognition and encouragement (chances are they are not being recognized at work or home). A great man once told me, “encouragement is oxygen to the soul.” Making others happy is contagious and what you sow, you’ll reap.

That’s it. Just three little attitude adjustments to keep in mind. Give them a try to you’ll be happier and have more fun in life.

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