How to choose a golf coach

Golfers often ask me for recommendations on who they should take golf lessons from. However, the best coach for you is one that suits your individual needs. In my opinion, selecting the right golf mentor involves a simple threefold philosophy:


Make sure your coach asks you about what you want to achieve with your lessons. They should start with what you want to accomplish with your lessons. Some golf professionals may have their own self-serving or short-term goals in mind, which is not ideal. Avoid such instructors and choose someone who is genuinely interested in helping you improve your game and achieve your objectives.


When selecting a coach, it’s imperative to find someone who encourages feedback and fosters two-way communication during the lesson. Choose a coach who speaks with you, rather than at you. Ensure that both you and your coach speak the same language, figuratively and literally, to avoid any misunderstandings. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving a lesson feeling unclear about what you need to work on.


Look for someone whose style and attitude resonate with you. If you prefer a low-tech approach, find an instructor who shares that preference. It's essential to connect with your coach and be able to relate to their stories and analogies. A coach whom you connect with can help you unlock your full potential and bring out the best in you.


There is something special about a student-teacher relationship. It gives the student someone to perform for and the teacher someone to pour themselves into. Good luck finding your coach, I know the relationship will bear much fruit and help you reach your potential on the course.

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