High-tech or high-touch

Do you focus on High-Tech or High-Touch?

High-tech focuses on tools and data. High-touch focuses on interactions and connections.

High-tech counts the number of visits. High-touch counts the number of relationships

High-tech aims for the head. High-touch captures the heart.

High-tech tells the story. High-touch tells the legend.

High-tech wants the facts. High-touch wants to be interesting.

The truth is, High-tech done right will lead to more High-Touch opportunities. Before technologies like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, etc. it was more difficult to have conversations with someone interested in your product or service that resided outside of your immediate influence.

Today things are different. The world is smaller in some ways, we now have the ability to find others like us. We can reach out and engage with people or groups we find relevant or interesting. Look for ways to use your technologies to enhance your ability to interact with your customers and prospects. Look for ways to develop real connections. AJ and Melissa at Misfit, Inc. do this remarkably. So do people like Kevin Briody.

Next time you login or logon, ask yourself these questions:

How can I make this technology an extension of me?

How can I connect with people in a human way?

Your thoughts?

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