Get more clarity

One of my favorite ideas of 2012 is Clarity. The site let’s you call an expert and get advice on any number of topics. That’s right, you can call and talk to a real life person. Leave it to Dan Martell (of Flowtown fame) to come up with a simple idea to connect entrepreneurs to one another.

The idea here is everyone is knowledgeable about something and your expertise can help others. In a world where most people communicate through typing keys at each other, the old phone call stands out. And I guess I’m old school like that too. If I want to really have a conversation, face to face or voice to voice is much more rewarding.

Last week I received a call from a guy with a startup in Europe. He needed some advice on how to promote a launch event for his startup. We spent about 30 minutes throwing around ideas and coming up with some action items for him and his team to execute. I learned a bunch, met a new friend and had a blast talking with him. Hopefully he learned something too.

My bet is you have some things to share too. I recommend you joining Clarity. You can even charge by the minute and raise money for your favorite charity (or pocket the cash yourself).

By the way, I’d love to chat with you too. Here is a link to my free profile. Talk to you soon.

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