Script treatments: Final Pitch and Level 7

I’ve been working on a few short film ideas. After pitching them to a few folks, I narrowed down to the top two and wrote treatments. Let me know if you think one of them should be made.

The Final Pitch

By David Horne

ELLA CLARK (33F) has one last chance to prove to herself, and everyone, she’s not a fluke. The last twelve months have challenged every fiber of her being. This is her shot to make it all worth it. She can silence the doubters and haters. She can reclaim her life if she can only make it through the final pitch.

Ella was once the darling of Silicon Valley. Ten years ago she was dubbed the “Maiden of Mountain View” by Jack Dorsey after her startup, KickBack, was acquired by Uber on her 23rd birthday. She was tech royalty. She was unstoppable. Those days seem like an eternity ago. Her last four ventures barely made it past beta. The most recent one, pitched a year ago, got her laughed out of the room by the same people who used to be her friends.

Ella goes to VC’s office to give the pitch. With the pitch just minutes away, Ella doesn’t think she can go through with it. The thoughts from the last time keep flooding her mind and getting in the way of what she needs to do – has to do. In the last four months she and her team have brought a new idea from concept to prototype. She should be excited and full of confidence. But she’s not. Ella is filled with more doubt and fear than she was ten years ago when she stood in the hallway of this very office before her first pitch.

Right before she’s called in for the appointment, Ella finds her resolve in a piece of art on the wall. She decides at that moment to screw the Valley, VC’s and technorati and bootstrap it. But not before she goes into the meeting and delivers her final pitch.


By David Horne

NOAH(16M) lives in a small city that feels way too much like a small town. Like most teenagers, he spends his days with friends, going to school and trying to gain the courage to ask out his dream girl TESLA(16F). One Saturday Noah and his friends VINCE(17M) and SARA(16F) are hanging out at a burger joint.

They are discussing the cool Twitter based riddle game, @Level7, they have been playing. Vince is also picking on Noah for not going to talk to Tesla who is sitting a few tables away. While waiting for their food, their phones notify them of a new tweet. It’s the daily riddle. Vince and Sara jump on their phones. Noah finally gets brave and walks over to Tesla’s table. When he looks back to see his friends, they’re gone.

After the restaurant, Noah calls and texts both of his friends but there’s no answer. He drives to Sara’s house to find no trace of Sara. The same thing happens when he gets to Vince’s house. In fact, their families don’t even know who they are. Noah is starting to freak and decides to drive home.

As he pulls into his driveway, his dad is working in the yard. Noah’s phone buzzes again. For the tenth time, it’s a mention from @Level7 with the riddle for the day. He finally decides to answer the riddle. Noah gets out of his car and walks into the house. As he does, four vehicles pull up to the curb.

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