Don't sit in The middle seat

A few months ago I flew Southwest Airlines to Tampa. When I printed out my ticket, I realized I was near the end of the line. For all of you that haven’t flown Southwest, there are no assigned seats. First Come. First Serve. I was sure I’d find myself wedged between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

I stepped onto the plane and looked down both sides in hopes to find an aisle seat. Sure enough, every aisle seat and window seat was taken. Every middle seat, was open. They were the only open ones left. Accepting my fate, I proceeded to take a seat, overcoming the always uncomfortable “excuse me”, between two people already settled.

It became so clear to me right then. NO ONE WANTS THE MIDDLE SEAT. ever! It provides neither the scenery and glamor of the window seat nor the convenience and comfort of the aisle seat.

The choice of our seat is ours to make unless we don’t choose at all. That is also a choice. By not making a choice, you choose the middle seat.

This observation caused me to ask myself these questions which I will ask to you.

Am I sitting in the middle seat in any area of my life? Career? Relationships? Impact on my community? Etc?

If so, get UP and grab an aisle seat or a window seat and enjoy the journey of your life.

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