Don't date your customers—court them

Don’t date your customers and prospects. Court them.
If you are worthy, they will marry you.
Dating is short term. Courting is long term.
Dating meets “my” needs. Courting meets your needs.
Dating communicates at. Courting communicates with.
Dating babbles about how great I am. Courting listens to how great you are.
Dating wants to be with everyone. Courting wants YOU.
Dating looks to score. Courting looks for life partnership.
Dating spends for today. Courting invests for tomorrow.
Dating lacks commitment. Courting builds loyalty.

Relationships have only two outcomes. You get married or break-up.

Why do we invest so much time in dating? We have all been on dates. Usually, they are wasted hours with people we have no desire to be with or form lasting connections. Shouldn't we focus on finding the right people and winning them over with sincere efforts?

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