Don't be weird

The other night I was getting some petrol at a local filling station and out of nowhere a man or phantom, not sure which, came up to me and told me his name and handed me a business card. Then, POOF! He was gone. It was like an apparition showed up and The Twilight Zone theme music started playing. The whole experience was weird. On my way home I thought about how many people interact without connecting. This applies online or offline and for individuals or companies.

Here are three simple ways to make your interactions connect.

  • Be relevant
  • Be sincere
  • Make it about them

Here are three simple ways to make your interactions weird.

  • Have a hidden agenda
  • Be selfish
  • Startle People

Interaction without connection at best is interruption, at worst is weird.

For a great read on how not to be weird, check out John Maxwell’s newest book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (affiliate link). This is his best book in years and he does a wonderful job of packaging “connection” principals for life application.

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