Don't be a tool

The internet space is more and more tool driven. Organizations use social media tools, CRMs, ESPs, and countless other automation tools to develop, manage, monitor, research, and respond.

The trick is to use the tools without being a tool.

Recently, I attended a panel discussion at Social Fresh Charlotte about leveraging social media listening and management tools. It was moderated by the smart and witty Amber Nasland of Radian 6. The panelists included Justin Kistner from Webtrends, Rick Burnes from Hubspot, and Adam Covati from Argyle Social. These folks did a great job of sharing how incorporating monitoring tools into a company’s business strategy can help them meet certain goals.

Amber opened the discussion with the statement “We’re all tools here.” I am sure only a few people caught it, as most were shuffling to their seats. Now, none of the panelist are tools; they are all professionals and great assets to their employers.

The quote has stuck in my head. It is a reminder to us to use the tools to be more productive and free up our time to do the real work of building relationships and providing better services and products to our customers.

Remember to respond in a human way. Use tools to be more helpful. Filter information through a brain cell. Put yourself into the shoes of your customers, prospects, and partners and ask, “Is this a deposit or withdrawal into their trust account?”

Tools think short term.

Think long-term.

Tools are takers.

Be a giver.

Don’t be a tool, use them.

What say you?

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