Do you validate?

Validate: To demonstrate or support the truth or value of something.

Everyone is looking for validation. Your customers, partners, employees, friends, and community desire assurance they belong to something. Building customer loyalty and creating raving fans happens when you are the one to give it to them. You be the one that supports and confirms they are ok and fit in.

Do this, and  people will be drawn to your brand or cause. Look at Ezekiel, Invisible People, or 37signals. As people interact with these organizations they are continually validated by the experience.

Here is a great short film that illustrates beautifully what I mean. (It is a little over 16 mins long, so come back and check it out if you don’t have time).

If you can’t see the video, click [here].

You will be amazed at the impact you can have, and the business you can build, when you take your eyes off yourself and put them on others.

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