Daves I know

I’d like to tell you about the Daves I know…

David Deasy
David Deasy un-blanks space daily
He likes beautiful patterns and Typography

David Bain
David Bain lives in the United Kingdom
He has a magazine and radio show

Dave Delaney
David Delaney lives in Nashville
He hosts New Business Networking Radio and wrote a book too.

David Spencer
David Spencer makes nice music in Nashville Tennessee
When he’s not producing records he pulls for UNC

Dave B Thomas
Dave Thomas used to live in North Carolina
He moved to California and makes content for Leadspace

Dave Neal
Dave Neal helps runs The Startup Factory
It’s in Durham at the American Underground

David Mackenzie
David Mackenzie likes to play golf
He talks with a British accent because he was born there

Some of them are “Davids” most of them are “‘Daves” They all have their own hands but they come from different moms…


Dave Cefaly
Dave Cefaly can play tennis
His backhand is vicious and he smiles a lot

Davie Blair
David Blair writes really well
He’s also a chess master or something like that

David Dang
David Dang does something technical with computers
I think it’s test automation for Zenergy in Greensboro

David Civils
David Civils will work on your molars
We played high school soccer together, but that was a long time ago

Dave McMurray
I spoke to Dave McMurray twice
He works at Epipheo

David Basten
David Basten went to college with me
He played tennis in school and we took a few classes together

David Seigel
David Seigel runs the eGolf Pro Tour
We played mini tour golf in 2001

David Taylor
David Taylor runs a golf course management company
We work with him on several projects currently

David Mathis
David Mathis and I play mini tour golf
He was way better and made it on tour

Dave Daniel
Dave Daniel likes to fix things with his hands
He can do almost anything except wrestle a polar bear

David Carter
I met David Carter in Chicago
He’s not from there and lives in Canada

David Sleight
David Sleight lived in Africa
And also in Europe. Now he lives in the US most of the time

Dave Fox
David Fox plays lots of music
He is a teacher at the college I attended

David Hubbell
David Hubbell likes boats and cape cod
He’s from New England so that makes sense

David Williams
David Williams went to West Carteret high school
We were friends but haven’t talked in years

David Murphy
David Murphy is a finance dude
I only see him at Greensboro College functions

David Bell
David Bell was tough in High School
He still is so I won’t say anything uncool

David Hester
Some people think David Hester and I are twins
Not really but we have the same name

David Gould
David Gould is my brother’s nephew
He’ll catch you for speeding and likes to drive fast

David Clapsadl
David Clapsadl is not little anymore
When I knew him he was small and short

David Griffith
In High School David Griffith was fun at parties
He had great jokes that never got old

Dave Shamblin
David Shamblin is in the Army
I haven’t seen him in a long time and he lives in Texas

These are the Daves

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