Daring to be great

One of the all-time great movie characters is Lloyd Dobler. Anyone who has seen Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything would agree. Dobler, like all of us, is an achiever looking for an arena to win in.

I believe it’s common in all of us to seek challenges worthy of our time and energy. We’re tired of being fed the boring, status-quo, laissez-faire diet the masses keep trying to cram down our throats. Playing it safe is too risky. And Lloyd doesn’t buy it, and deep down we don’t either.

He is looking for a “dare to be great situation” and inside we are too!

He is an eternal optimist. He observes the masses and does the opposite. I believe each of us can identify with Lloyd. I believe we are also created with the desire to be great at something. We are created with an innate seeking of our personal arena to win in.

Have you found your “dare to be great situation?” Have you taken that stride that leaves you in a position where you could risk failure or victory?

If not, what are you waiting for?

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