7 daily decisions of success

I’m sure I didn’t come up with these 7 daily decisions of success. Regardless, they’ve been on my mind a lot recently. We’re about to welcome our second son, Matthew into the world. My goal is that he and his big brother, Joshua, now two and a half, will learn and apply these simple daily decisions in their lives.

My friend AJ is applying these to live a remarkable life. I think we can all do the same. And today is the day.

7 daily decisions of success:

  1. Be responsible (buck stops here)
  2. Seek wisdom
  3. Be a servant to others
  4. Choose to be happy daily
  5. Be a person of action
  6. Greet each day with a forgiving spirit. don’t forget to forgive yourself
  7. Be persistent without exception

So what do you say? Are you with me?

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