The current thing and the next thing

Promote the current thing and the next thing, but never more than that.  I learned this years ago, and it has served me well. And it’s more true today in our real-time marketplace.

The Current Thing

What is hot and now? You may have a live campaign, brand/product release, or upcoming event that you are working hard to launch. You are creating awareness, converting calls to action, and locking customers in. There is no time to focus on the past or next year. The goal here is a concentrated effort to put the best resources, content, and value into what is now.

Giving people anything that can distract them may cost you a fan, sale, or advocate. Pay attention to the content you are creating. This is the time to build trust and influence for what is current. Do this by providing supportive and relevant information that builds equity in what you are promoting. For example, if you have an event coming up, talk about how to get the most out of it, interview speakers and past attendees, or showcase local businesses around the event.

The Next Thing

Who likes movie trailers? I do. Have you ever noticed  the previews they show you before the flick you are about to watch are relevant (same actors/directors, similar genre, etc.) to the movie you are getting ready to see? Even better examples are the 30 second clips after the credits that give you a peek at the sequel. These are done by design.

Most of your customers can’t think about a series of five things over the course of two years, but what’s next is completely doable. If you are launching a product, talk about the upcoming feature (and its benefit) soon to be released. The best run events always talk about the next event and why you don’t want to miss it.


In sales BAMFAM means, “book a meeting from a meeting”. This is important even if you aren’t “selling” something. Promoting the current thing and the next thing gives you the opportunity to earn the attention of your audience now and plant the seed for later.

What ideas do you have about what is now and what is next?

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