Create a media channel strategy that works

Having a media channel strategy is important.  Seth talk about it the other day. The key is getting the different marketing channels to work together.

The Fist

A lot of organizations use the same tactics across different mediums.  They try to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible regardless of relevance.  They  go for the quick “close” instead of building trust.  I call this the fist approach.  The fist, uses all of media’s fingers to  punch its way into customers’ attention.

The Piano

A better approach is when organizations use the channels like hands playing the piano.  To play the piano each finger must work interdependency with the others. Each finger plays different keys and performs different roles.

Individually they only play notes but together they create music. Monitor which mediums customers use to find you in the first place. Invest time into those channels and find out how you can communicate more effectively.  Maybe it is through blogs or video. Maybe your best engagement is via permission based email marketing.

I heard Greg Rollet teach music artists about email marketing. It is the best way to sell products to fans even though most bands are putting all of their energy into social networks which only account for a fraction of the sales. Does that mean artists shouldn’t use Facebook and Twitter to reach fans? No. It is the combination of multiple channels that move a consumer to action and advocacy.

No single channel will be the silver bullet. Each channel distributes your ideas in a different way. Media channels also reach different communities.  You cannot fully engage your customers with one medium just like you can’t play Mozart with one finger.

What is your media strategy? How are you using the different channels to grow your business?

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