ConvergeSouth 2011 Five Questions: Kate Morris

This post is part of our ConvergeSouth series.  Today’s five questions are with Kate Morris. If you haven’t yet registered and would like to attend, you can sign up [here]. Earlier posts in the series: Sue Polinsky & Rob Ainbiner, Jeff SanGeorge.

Kate Morris is an SEO Consultant at Distilled in Seattle. She has held a variety of positions in search marketing from in-house to agency, to independent. She’s done everything from just PPC to just SEO, some social media, usability, and much more. A holistic marketer, she aids her clients in getting the most bang for their buck by targeting the right people and having a good business practice supported by marketing on all sides

Five Questions with Kate Morris:

Q1: What are you speaking about at ConvergeSouth and what can people expect to get out of attending your session?

I am speaking on White Hat SEO, the long-term ideas and tactics to use to get results now and forever. What I like to call it is “algorithm proofing your website”. Businesses should never fear updates from search engines, but rather expect increases from them. I can show them how they can succeed and win in the right spaces to grow their business. People can expect to leave with how to develop content ideas (no matter how boring the topic), steps to take to get in the mind-set of a search engine that will allow you to make the best decisions for your site in the long run. There are many ways to do link building, increase traffic without having to do shady things.

Q2 : What is the next big opportunity for businesses on the web?

The next big opportunity is not really new to businesses, but for the web it’s new. I can see a big push toward mobile and local results. I saw this coming over 5 years ago, but personalization is more important than ever to  search engines and it is not controllable. Getting back to having a good foundation in SEO is important, but more important is the conversations with customers and finding advocates.

Q3: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

I really want to fly. I have no real awesome reason for this, just always wanted to be able to fly. I had a very realistic dream a few years ago where I could fly. I’m talking like standing there and then wanting to fly and just rising in the air. It was fantastic. Just wish it were real.

Q4: If you could have dinner with two people from history, who would they be and why?

Oh I generally hate this question. They have to be known people huh? My standard answer is my grandmother (she died many years before I was born), just to learn more about my family history. But if we are talking 2 people from history books, I’d want to talk with Mary Magdalene, get that real story. And then I’d have to say Queen Victoria. I played her in a senior literature play of sorts called “Victorian Tea” and she lead a really interesting life. I’d love to hear her real stories.

Q5: Higher Klout Score: Earl Campbell, Colt McCoy, Ricky Williams, or Mack Brown?

Hahahahahahahahaha! Yes you must print that whole laugh. You guys are good. If it were my personal choice, I’d say Colt McCoy. He’s the best quarterback Texas has ever had. But I’m not sure that translates to Klout. I’d think Colt or Ricky. Probably Ricky as he is younger and might use social media. Plus, there is not a shortage of news about him. Sigh. And I just looked:
47 @MBTexasFootball (Mack Brown)
66 @ColtMcCoy
67 @RickyWilliams
17 @EarlCCampbell
I was right! And very close there Colt. Keep going man! Hook ’em!


I serve on the board of directors for ConvergeSouth. This year’s event is shaping up to be a great one and as a way of introducing the speakers, this is the third in a series of posts on ConvergeSouth 2011. Click [register] if you would like to attend. 

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