Class is in session

The spring semester for most colleges and universities began this week. For me, it meant the start of a new adventure as a college professor. Ok, quiet the laughter. I am pretty excited to join my college marketing professor, Dr. Hanson, in teaching a marketing and social media class at Greensboro College. It will be the first course offered on the subject at GC.

The first class went well. All of the students were open and hopeful that this class will not be an irrelevant bore. I hope so too! We have put together a good outline for the students and my goal is for the class to progress organically. Ideally, we will discuss how social media is used in the real-world. The course should give the young men and women real-world knowledge and application of how social media fits into the marketing mix.

We decided to go with New Community Rules, by Tamar Weinberg, as our “textbook.” If you haven’t read it, you should. Tamar wrote a very comprehensive book on social media and laid it out in course-like chapters. It is an essential and foundational social media book.

What I look forward to most about teaching the class is learning from these college students. I have a feeling, although many of them aren’t early adopters of social media, they will bring a fresh perspective and new insights.

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