Class dismissed!

Can you believe it is already May? In the college world it means: class dismissed! For me, it means my college professor hat comes off. I hope to have the opportunity to wear it again.

It was an incredible learning experience for me and hopefully for the students also. In a few short months they went from social media newbies, to aspiring graduates with a solid grounding in the digital marketing arts. We learned about listening, social media tools, blogging, content marketing, reputation management, and community development. The students started a blog reviewing brand social media presence , gave social media marketing pitches, enjoyed great speakers, and gained clarity on developing their personal brands.

One definite highlight, for me at least, was co-teaching with Dr. Cindy Hanson. She was my marketing prof when I was in college (half a score ago). Her enthusiasm and passion for her craft is as evident today as it was then. I gained an enormous amount of respect for her (and all professors) with how much preparation and focus goes into each course. Unlike many traditional marketers, Dr. Hanson has embraced the validity of social media and how it fits into the bigger marketing mix. I look forward to the chance to work with her again.

Thank you, Apo, Lewis, Toni, Michelle, Ashley, Everette, Jason, Katrina, Matt, Jess, Molly, and Ken for a fun and rewarding time. I couldn’t be prouder of you all.

I wish you the best and leave with you one thing:

Your real education has just begun. Find what you are passionate about and chase it. Learn and do it better  than anyone else in the world.

Don’t settle for average. Challenge the status quo. Dare to be great!

photo credit: Beverly & Pack


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