Citizen Gulf: Social Media Brings New Sunrise

Wednesday was the national day of action for Citizen Gulf . They are a nonprofit organization helping fishing families affected by the Gulf Crisis.

The Greensboro Chapter of Social Media Club hosted one of the benefts. Tammy Friedeck and Chuck Hester did a great job sharing about the power of social media for social good. The evening wrapped up with Rob Blackwell performing New Sunrise, a song he wrote for the victims in the Gulf. Proceeds will go to those in need in the Gulf region.

One of the coolest things was this video put together on short notice from Jeff Dolan. Rob, Jeff, and I grew up in a coastal town of NC and have a heart for coastal communities. Jeff and Rob are amazingly talented (you might even know them from the band Remember Jonah).  It was fantastic to see them collaborate again.

The sweet spot of social media is the ability to unify people from anywhere and any background who care about a certain topic or idea. Remember there is incredible power in that. Remember this is bigger than ourselves but enables you, the individual to make a difference.

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