Candid about candor

Happy father’s day to all the dads out there. It was great fun with my boys and even squeezed in a round of golf. This is also the first father’s day without my dad here. It’s been a little different. And he’s been on my mind a little more recently.

One of the biggest challenges I have is candor. It’s not the sincerity or honestly I struggle with, it’s frankness and openness. My tendency is to sugar coat too much or hold it in until the “right time”. I’ve even read the book. Still, it’s something I’m working on daily.

In the last week or so, I’ve had several opportunities to be candid with my team, working with clients and at home. It’s going better. The HIP Feedback framework is helping. It goes like this:

  • Helpful
  • Humble
  • Immediate
  • In Person
  • Public Praise / Private Criticism
  • Not about Personality

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