Data: Can you handle the truth?

This week I was working with a client on their marketing strategies for 2010. It is amazing to me how many companies do not keep data and metrics concerning their business.  One of the brightest guys I have ever met used to say “you cannot improve what you do not measure.”

There are few truer words in business.

Not only do you live and die by your databases (from Trust Agents), you also live and die by your data.  It allows you to find the effectiveness of your message. Seth Godin calls this the “What.”

Capturing data is all about listening. Google alerts, twitter search, google analytics, and surveys act as hearing aids to help you listen.

What are your customers telling you about the products you sell? What is the data telling you about which tactics connect and convert?  Does the data scream YOU ARE BORING? or WE LOVE YOU?

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