Build heirloom pieces

The movie lesson today encourages us to build heirloom pieces.

This short film spoke volumes to me as I continue to ponder living a better story. Technology, trends, and fads make it easy to make something short-term. Like a Roman candle, it’s bright and remarkable but rarely lasts more than 144 characters of fame. I’m not devaluing anyone’s creativity or hard work. Jory Bringham reminds me that thinking about the value of our work over a lifetime is worth doing.

Building an heirloom is about creating things people appreciate and build memories around. Doing this kind of work is exciting for me. But I also wonder: Is that possible in the digital world?

Jory’s furniture is physical and organic. But software? Google, Amazon, and Microsoft seem to have built something that will last. I’m still not sure. What do you think?

I hope you take six minutes to watch this and consider building something that will last generations rather than something “disposable.”

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