Bring the pain

Since when did pain become a bad word?

It has officially joined the ranks of current misunderstood words like work, ambition, and commitment.

In today’s world we all try to avoid pain. What is the least painful path to get from A to B? What is the easy way to succeed, get in shape, and learn? Too often, the path of least resistance causes us to miss some valuable growth and learning opportunities. I am not saying to seek it out. I am simply saying embrace it. Relish who you become as a result. Pain is a wonderful teacher.

What if a child didn’t feel pain after touching a hot stove? What would happen if  it didn’t hurt a little when they fall trying to walk?

When I learned to surf, part of my motivation for standing up properly was to avoid the pain of wiping out. I remember the pain of not qualifying for the first tournament on my college golf team.  I thought I would waltz into a starting slot after being successful the previous summer.  I can still feel the burn as the team packed up the van to travel and I had to stay behind. That burn helped me develop a work ethic which surpassed everyone else on the team. I never missed another tournament.

Pain produces character. Pain prevents weakness. Pain teaches us to overcome.

Let this be a year where pain is your tutor. Learn from it. Become who you are meant to be.

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