Book Review: Today We Are Rich By Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is one of those people that always makes you believe more in yourself than you did before. His new book, Today We Are Rich, is no exception. I am grateful to him for sending me an advanced copy. Here’s my take:

What I really enjoyed about this book is the way it reads. Many in its class like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, How to Win Friends and Influence People, etc read like manuals. Today We Are Rich takes a different approach. Sanders tells us his personal story. He teaches us how the power of confidence can change you life like it has his. Sanders shows us we are not alone and that we all go through life circumstances. The variable is whether we live above them or under them.

There are seven principles of confidence Tim Sanders lays out in his book. These are guidelines on how to have a successful life, not just be successful. Here is what you will find:

  1. Feed Your Mind Good Stuff
  2. Move The Conversation Forward
  3. Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle
  4. Give To Be Rich
  5. Prepare Your Self
  6. Balance Your Confidence
  7. Promise Made, Promise Kept

He learned these valuable lessons from his grandmother, Billye. Her influence and guidance on Tim Sanders’ life is the heartbeat of the book. Two of the lessons she taught him were about controlling what goes into your mind and the second is the myth of scarcity. They are as relevant today as ever.

We live in a world filled with information. We must become a bouncer at the door to our mind. Only let good things in. If something doesn’t encourage, inspire, or educate you to move closer to your dreams and purpose, then filter it.

There is also a mindset of fear that wants us to believe there are limited amounts of love, money, friends, etc. This facilitates a belief that we must horde what we have or we will lose it. Tim reminds us that we make more of what we are sharing by giving it away. This principle of sowing and reaping isn’t new, but very timely in today’s perceived climate of lack.

I appreciate Tim Sanders. He has an enthusiasm and cause that is contagious. Today We Are Rich will help you catch what Tim’s got so you can go make a difference in your life and your world. Head over to TWAR and download a free e-book Tim has graciously provided. If you like it, consider picking up a copy of his book. I’m confident it will add value to your life.

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photo credit: tim sanders

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