Beginning again

Our son Matthew was born last Wednesday. It is time for my wife and I to begin again. We have a two and a half year old son name Joshua. I’m amazed at how much I need to remind myself of what it was like to have new-born.

It is also time for me to begin again here at

When I started writing articles and sharing here it was mainly to experiment and for me to get my thoughts on paper with the common thread of daring to be great. I’ve deviated away from that mantra for a while. Most of my posts over the last several years have been about marketing, social media, business ownership and sometimes movie lessons.

The next season of this blog will see a return to my original intent to have fun, talk about stuff that matters and help you with your business and life.

Thanks for sticking with me so far on this journey. If you’d like to subscribe and get updates sent to you via email, sign up in the orange box to the right.


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