Be the guy (or girl)

The other day a friend of mine was telling me about a house he was building towards the coast. During one point in the conversation Steve said, “I called MY realtor in…” His realtor happened to be three hours away in a town Steve doesn’t live in anymore.

The lesson from this story is that Steve has “a realtor.” This is someone that has earned Steve’s trust and built a relationship with him. This made me think about all the “guys” and “girls” we have in our lives.

My bet is you have YOUR accountant, YOUR attorney, YOUR Stylist, YOUR Doctor, YOUR Dentist, YOUR Mechanic, etc…

I will even go one step further and say you probably have YOUR film person that tells you what  is worth paying $10 for at the movie theatre and YOUR music person and YOUR Fashion person and YOUR book person and even YOUR restaurant person.

Whoever those people are they have earned trust and influence over you. They are experts. You may or may not know them personally. They might be a best friend or a favorite author or other personality. The common characteristic here, is they have a proven record of exceeding your expectations time after time.

I have my people too.

We must figure out how to be “the guy” or “girl” for people. We must become the experts that provide unmatched service, skill, or wisdom in one or more areas to the right people. This builds the following and communities we lead.

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