Be present, accountable and aware

This summer at church, we’re going through a study of King David. Last week we did a deep dive into the part of the story when the prophet, Nathan, confronted David about him sleeping with his friend’s wife and sending him to die on the battlefield (2 Sam 12:1-13).

Anyway, Nathan called him out on his actions because David was oblivious to his continual bad decision making. The result was David’s complete acknowledgment of what he had done. He didn’t deny, deflect or dodge it. He also didn’t blow up or shut down. He owned it.

The other piece that stuck out to me was how Nathan brought the issue to David in a way he could receive it. Nathan knew how to communicate. He had empathy for David but didn’t balk on candor. It’s an important and difficult role. It takes courage.

It’s really challenged me on both ends — receiving and giving rebuke. Too often, I don’t receive it well and certainly struggle with giving it well.

So far we’ve had a pretty smooth ride at LOFT. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t have conflict internally or with customers. When we do, we need to be present, accountable and aware.

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